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A great solution to sell personalized products

Our product designer is an add-on which integrates seamlessly into Shopware.

Once you've installed our product designer and you've configured it with your products your customers are easily able to create their own unique, custom designs for any kind of product you sell:

After a customer placed an order you can view and export each design in Shopware's backoffice.


Our product designer comes with a great amount of features.
Ideally you just test it out - there's a free trial!
Still, to name a few...

Customer benefits

  • βœ… Place text and choose a font, size, curving, spacing...
  • βœ… Upload images, choose from a selection of pre-uploaded images or find images from Pixabay.
  • βœ… Create QR codes
  • βœ… Support of multiple background images
  • βœ… Thought-out User Interface and helping tools like a customizable grid and snapping
  • βœ… resize and rotate any object placed
  • ...

Store owner benefits

  • βœ… Individually customize the designer for each of your articles
  • βœ… View all designs of your customers in your store's backoffice
  • βœ… Export each design in a format of your choice: PDF, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, SVG, JSON,
  • βœ…First level support by our developers
  • ...

Developer benefits

If you have a license of our product designer you have full access to all the source code.
In case you have the need to programmatically modify the designer, feel free to do so: You can easily modify the Frontend, Backend and plugin code.

  • βœ… Clean source code written in strict Typescript on top of Vue.JS
  • βœ… Elaborate developer documentation how to extend and modify the designer
  • ...

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Christian Kilb

About Shopware

Shopware is a robust e-commerce system, offering powerful tools for businesses to create and manage online stores. Known for its scalability and comprehensive features, Shopware facilitates key aspects of e-commerce, including inventory management, payment processing, and customer engagement.

Enhancing the functionality of Shopware, the product designer plugin proves to be a valuable addition. This plugin allows customers to create personalized designs for each product, a feature especially beneficial for businesses offering customizable items like clothing, accessories, or promotional materials. Through the product designer plugin, customers can customize colors, images, and text, resulting in unique designs that reflect their preferences.

This customization capability not only adds a creative dimension to the shopping experience but also empowers customers to tailor products to their individual tastes. The result is often increased customer satisfaction, higher engagement, and strengthened brand loyalty. Moreover, offering design customization sets a business apart in a competitive market, attracting customers seeking exclusive and personalized products.

In summary, Shopware, as a versatile e-commerce solution, becomes even more compelling with the integration of the product designer plugin. This combination streamlines the online selling process and provides customers with a personalized and engaging shopping experience, ultimately contributing to enhanced satisfaction and the success of the business.